Monday, October 26, 2009

J-Zone On: Strip Clubs

For those not familiar with J-Zone, let me briefly bring you up to speed: A woefully underrated hip hop artist/producer out of Jamaica Queens, New York, J-Zone first captured my attention when I was in high school, providing much of my personal soundtrack for those days. His insane production skills (especially when it comes to sampling - some of the most innovative and entertaining I've ever heard) have kept me a dedicated fan to this day, but it's not just that. Apparent from his clownish and nonchalant style, J-Zone never takes himself too seriously on the mic or in the recording "studio" (his grandmother's basement), which greatly bolsters his already-strong appeal. This applies to the recent blog he has been keeping up, as well, which acts as his personal hub for music/social commentary. Never afraid to speak his mind (one of his most admirable traits), J-Zone offers up his frequently unpopular opinions on everything from Facebook to Kanye West and I must say that it's downright hysterical. Call him a crass, immature, misogynist (claims I wouldn't refute - just listen to his albums), the dude's a fantastic comedic writer, which is why I'm introducing a new and possibly recurring section that highlights various nuggets from his aforementioned blog. Hopefully this will earn Zone some additional, much-needed supporters, as well as entertain and stir up some interesting discussion (as his opinions tend to do). With that said, I now present a snippet of J-Zone's thoughts on strip clubs:

"...I’m not gay, but I don’t see the point in giving a stripper my loot for some janky ass lapdance. Strip clubs are an economically dumb way of catching blue balls, and I never understood the appeal of going to one, ask Pac-Man Jones. I’ll jerk off free of charge, then throw my dollars at Trader Joe’s for some of those tuna steaks. I’ll only throw dollars at a stripper if I can get them back at the end of the night."

(To read this blog post in its entirety, click here.)


  1. Haha. Hey, that isn't exactly movie related. Maybe this feature should go on BLC.

    For what it's worth, bringing women to the gentleman's club is the bomb. Especially really cheap ones where a dollar will get you far.

  2. Hey, not all your BLC posts are comedic, do I go busting YOUR chops?

    I'm with Zone on this one. Apart from what he mentions (having to drop hard-earned cash when you can jerk off for free), there's something disgustingly zoological about the atmosphere. Being in the same room as a bunch of other horny dudes, all getting aroused at the same time...pass.

  3. I'm pretty sure NONE of my BLC posts are remotely comedic.