Thursday, September 5, 2013

Do The Wright Thing

Los Angeles belonged to writer/director Edgar Wright for a few weeks this past month - in celebration of the release of his new film, The World's End (which is amazing, by the way - go see it), the city played host to a bevy of special events revolving around his extraordinary career. I was fortunate enough to be present at a good portion of the festivities, which included over a half dozen double-features at the historic New Beverly Cinema (hand-picked by Wright himself, intended to serve as a primer for his new movie), the opening of an art gallery centered around his filmography, and a triple-bill of his entire Cornetto Trilogy at the famous ArcLight Cinerama Dome in Hollywood. Since a few people have asked about it, I thought I'd post some snapshots that hopefully do the experience justice (and boy, was it an experience):

$8 for two movies. In 35mm. Plus, dirt cheap popcorn/snacks. The New Beverly is quickly becoming my home away from home.

Wright brought the occasional special guest to the screenings, including The Terminator editor Mark Goldblatt and Looper writer/director Rian Johnson (back of head).

The incredible New Beverly Cinema crowd, as seen through Rian Johnson's camera. Say, that geek in the white Sex Bob-Omb shirt looks a lil familiar...

Watching the flicks mere feet from my idols was wonderfully surreal - for a few hours those evenings, we were all united as a simple audience of movie fans.

Grand opening!

Line for the gallery snaked around the block. Lots of costumes, felt like Comic-Con or something.

Hadn't planned on buying anything at the show...until I saw this.

And this.

...AND THIS...

Nick Frost signing autographs for the hordes of fans. Wright, Simon Pegg, and Johnny Simmons (Young Neil) were also in attendance. And Doug Benson, randomly enough.

"Accidents happen all the time, what makes you think it was..."


Could post endless pics of the artwork, but this brief video (taken by the gallery) sums it up pretty well. Also, witness my geek-out over having Wright sign my print at 1:55.

The ArcLight in Hollywood housed several costumes/props from The World's End, as well as the other Cornetto films.

Of all the Cornetto Trilogy screenings taking place that night (the eve of its US release), only the one at Hollywood's Cinerama Dome housed the trio of Wright/Pegg/Frost. Held a great Q&A, unexpectedly hosted by Bill Hader. Quentin Tarantino (!) even showed up at one point (he's one of those heads in the front row) - not to speak or anything, just as a fan like the rest of us.

Genius writer/director, one of the most talented filmmakers working today. Also pictured: Edgar Wright.

(Har har har...)


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